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PAWS Needlework

Providing a variety of fine products for Cross Stitch, Counted Thread
and Fine Needlework.

Wyndham Needleworks

is now

Cat3 P.A.W.S.Cat3

Pound Animals Are Worth Saving

Wyndham Needleworks closed at the end of December 2012.  A new website is in progress, which will feature many of the same products as well as lots of new ones. But that's not the best part–all of the proceeds from the sales on this website will benefit P.A.W.S. - Pound Animals are Worth Saving, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill cat and kitten shelter/rescue in Woodstock CT.

It's taking longer than anticipated to develop this new website so in the meantime you can use the old Wyndham Needleworks one.  It is now fully functional and works the same way as it has in the past. Because we are an all-volunteer organization–and always need more volunteers–orders may take a bit longer to be processed and shipped as we train new people.

There are some other changes, too. The phone numbers are no longer active, and our new email address is PAWS@needlework.net. We have just downloaded all the emails from December & January and are replying to them as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your patience as we get this new venture up and running.


Carl & Lydia      


We are working diligently on the new website, which will benefit our local cat & kitten rescue. It's taking longer than expected, please be patient. We'll have it ready soon and we'll be able to fill your orders as soon as it's up and running.

A little history...

We've been in business for over 30 years.  During that time we've had a brick and mortar shop in three locations, spent ten years "on the road" with the Spirit of Cross Stitch Festivals and other needlework consumer shows, and have been an online presence with our website for seventeen years.

Carl has been doing our website all that time but since he retired from the University of Connecticut he's going back to school and working on other projects, leaving no time for the website work.

We've also been involved in animal rescue for many years.  Needleworkers are wonderful people and most of them are animal lovers as well, with pets of their own. If you're like me, a project isn't complete without cat or dog hair stitched into it!

What's coming next.....

We're in the process of working with some of the volunteers at our local cat and kitten shelter to create a new website and a new business--we're about to become a completely non-profit needlework shop! All of the proceeds will go directly to benefit the shelter, which is an all volunteer facility in Woodstock, Connecticut.

We expect to be up and running sometime in January.  We've spoken to many of our suppliers who have been very encouraging and we will continue to offer most of the products we do now, as well as expanding in some areas.

There will also be some special surprises on the new website.  As we were clearing out a back room we discovered a trunk full of things from our Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival years. Things in this trunk haven't seen the light of day for ten years, and there's some wonderful treasures in there!

The shopping cart system on our current Wyndham Needleworks website will be active through December 18th, so please place your orders by midnight on that date. We will be transitioning to a different shopping cart after that and it may take a bit of time to make sure it works properly. If you have any questions please email them to us at Lydia@WyndhamNeedleworks.com.  Our phone service is intermittent at best, the wiring is quite old and acts up whenever it rains but the email comes to us through cable lines so there's usually no problem with it.

We are grateful for all of the wonderful people we've met and the many friends we've made over the years. Our thanks go out to all of you who have been supportive of us over all this time, we hope you will continue to do so in all the years to come.


Carl & Lydia      


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